Get Food

You must live in one of the following zip codes to shop at Food Connect Colorado: 80010, 80011, 80012, 80013, 80014, 80015, 80016, 80017, 80018, 80019, 80045, 80230, and 80247.

Proof of address is required on your first visit.

  • We are open on Thursdays, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
  • You must have an appointment to shop.
  • Each household may shop ONCE per month.
  • Appointments are posted one month in advance, usually after the 25th of the previous month.
  • If you don’t see any open appointments, continue to check back. People cancel frequently.

There are more people who want to shop at our market than we are currently able to serve. Therefore we have a strict No Show Policy. If any household does not arrive for their scheduled appointment on three different occasions, their shopping privileges will be suspended. Appointments must be canceled at least 12 hours in advance. To cancel your appointment, sign into your account or email:

Our address is 12455 E Mississippi Ave, #101, on the northeast corner of Mississippi and Peoria. We are located in CrossWind church; please drive around to the back of the building on the west side behind the Asian market. The east side is locked. Bring your own reusable bags or boxes.


Just like when you want to order from Amazon, get a Lyft, or pick up an order from Target, you must first set up an online account with a Username and Password. Food Connect Colorado uses Link2Feed, a program designed for food pantries. Your Username will be your Link2Feed Client ID #. If you have shopped at FCC or other pantries in the Denver area, chances are you already have one. You may have been given a white plastic card with this number written on it.

  • Click on the Create Account box. The next page will ask for your Client ID #.
  • If you have one, enter it. The system will ask you to review your personal info and create a password.
  • If you don’t have one, click on I Don’t Have This. You will need to enter basic personal information and answer some questions, then create a password.
  • Now you have an account and can make reservations to shop. Save your password just like you do with your other online accounts.

If you are still having difficulty, ask a friend or family member for help. You can also go to the public library; this is what they are there for. We cannot create an account for you.